Adding Freon to AC

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In this  page we will illustrate how to add refrigerant ( Freon ) to a 1999 Ford Explorer.

This vehicle needed a small amount of refrigerant and it wasn't necessary to evacuate the entire system to top it off.

 The first step is to find the low pressure port, in this 1999 Ford Explorer equipped with a 4'0 L V-6 engine, it is located on top of the accumulator, ( see image ), remove the plastic cap and set it aside.

 We chose to use Sub-Zero refrigerant made by Quest because it contains a synthetic lubricant compatible with all the oils in all air conditioning systems, since we didn't evacuate the system we didn't want to add an incorrect amount of oil to the system, the hose with a gauge that you see in the picture comes included in the purchase of the larger can but you can buy it separately.

  To add refrigerant to the system start the engine and turn the air conditioning system on, install the hose on the low pressure port and add Freon slowly keeping an eye on the built in gauge, if the system is very low the compressor will turn on and off several times till the system has the correct amount of refrigerant, please note that every time the compressor turns off the reading on the gauge will go up, the gauge will stop fluctuating once the system has stabilized.