Benz C230 oil change

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In this page we will illustrate how to perform an oil change on a Mercedes Benz C230 built from 1994 to 2000.  The vehicle we are working on is a 2000 Mercedes Benz C230 Sport.

1998-2000 vehicles are equipped with Flexible Service System ( FSS ) also known as Active Service System ( ASSYST ).
Service intervals based on FSS evaluation of engine temperature, oil level, vehicle speed, engine speed, distance driven and time elapsed since the last service. The driver is alerted with a text message in the instrument cluster, the me message has a picture of a wrench and it displays the miles left before the next service when it is near due or the miles past its service if it wasn't cleared during the oil change.

Depending on operating conditions, the next service is calculated and displayed in days or distance remaining. The display lasts approx. 10 seconds when the ignition is turned to to the on position, it can be cancelled manually by pressing trip odometer reset button, it can be called up by pressing the button twice. ( we will show you how ).

- Two types of service are scheduled for the vehicle:
 Service A ( minor maintenance )
 Service B ( major maintenance, it also includes all service A items )

Under normal circumstances the distance driven between services averages approximately 12,000 miles. Under most circumstances service A and service B are called by the FSS alternately, the exception is when FSS calculates an oil change interval of 14,000 miles or more, in which case service B recommendation is followed by another service B.

  How to reset the FSS:

 After each oil change, reset the FSS display as follows:

 - Turn the ignition to the on position, within 4 seconds press the trip odometer reset button located at the left lower corner of the instrument cluster, release it and press it again within one second; the service request display activates for 10 seconds, during these ten seconds turn the ignition to the off position while the service request continues to display.
 Press the trip odometer reset button and hold it pressed, turn the ignition to the on position, continue to hold the trip odometer reset button about ten seconds until signal sounds and new start distance appears in display.








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The first step is to drive the front of the vehicle up on ramps to provide enough clearance for you to be able to fit under the car, once the car is up on ramps, the emergency brake is applied and you have placed wheel chucks on the rear wheels, proceed to remove the lower plastic cover by removing the retaining bolts as shown in the image.

 Next, place a clean drain pan under the car and proceed to remove the oil drain plug located at the left bottom side of the oil pan as shown in the image.

 This particular vehicle is equipped with an unconventional oil filter, this filter doesn't have a metal shell like most oil filters, to gain access to this paper filter you will need an oil filter wrench similar to the one shown in the image, it is not recommended to use a strap oil filter wrench to avoid braking the plastic oil filter housing.

Loosen the plastic housing using a 3/8 ratchet and a long extension.

Next, remove the housing and filter at the same time.

Place the filter in a clean drain pan and proceed to remove the old seal from the filter housing, install the new seal provide with the new oil filter and apply a light coat of oil to it to avoid tearing it up during installation.

Install the new oil filter with the opening facing the engine.

install the oil drain plug back on the oil pan and proceed to add engine oil, Mercedes Benz recommends using mobil one synthetic oil on this vehicle, if you choose a different brand make sure that it meets the requirements specified on your user's manual, the engine holds 6 1/2 qts of oil.

To make sure that you don't overfill the engine oil, add 6 qts. of oil, start the engine and watch for leaks, if there aren't any leaks install the lower plastic cover back on and lower the car to the ground, turn the engine off and allow it to settle for a few minutes, check the oil level and add oil till it reaches the full level mark on the dipstick.

  During service A check the following items:

- Brake fluid level
- Battery electrolyte level
- Engine coolant level
- Washer fluid, windshield washers
- Inspect all exterior lights including headlights
- Interior warning lights, horn
- Reset FSS indicator
- Tire pressure
- Brake pad wear, front and rear.

  During service B check all items included in service A and the following:

- Power steering fluid
- Serpentine belt
- Air conditioning operation
- Rear window defogger operation
- Doors, windows, hood, trunk lid operation
- Fresh air microfilter, replace
- Rear view mirrors operation
- Seat belts condition and function
- Exhaust system condition
- Fuel tank, fuel lines inspect for leaks
- inspect for any other fluid leaks
- Steering components condition and operation
- Suspension parts including ball joints, bushings, CV      boots inspection.
- Transmission and differential fluid level