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              Ford F-250 Rear Brake Shoes Replacement Guide

 In this and the following page we will illustrate how to replace the rear brake shoes on 1980-1996 Ford F-250 trucks, the truck we are working on is a 1989 Ford F-250 2wd.

The rear axle on 3/4 ton Ford trucks is a semi-floating axle design, it is not necessary to remove the hub assemble to remove the brake drums.












 The first step is to raise the rear wheels off the ground and support the truck with two jack stands under the rear axle, remove the rear wheels and proceed to retract the brake shoes by pushing the adjusting lever away from the star wheel and turn it upwards with a brake adjusting tool as shown in the image and remove the brake drum.

It is wise to do one side at a time that way you have the other side to compare to make sure you are installing the new brake shoes correctly.

 Now that the brake drum has been removed, use your ring finger to pull the adjusting lever away from the adjusting screw and proceed to turn the adjusting screw all the way in.

 Using brake pliers proceed to remove the lower retracting spring as shown in the image.

NOTE: If you don't have access to this type of pliers you can use locking pliers instead.

 Next, remove the upper retracting spring.

 Next, remove the adjusting screw.

 Detach the self adjuster cable from the adjusting lever as shown in the image.

 Using locking pliers push the shoe hold down spring away from the hold down pin and remove the primary ( front ) brake shoe, repeat the same procedure on the secondary brake shoe.

 Clean all the dirt and brake dust from the backing plate with brake cleaner.

 Apply a light coat of high temperature brake grease or anti seize to the contact points to allow the brake shoes to move freely against the backing plate.

 Place the secondary brake shoe on a clean work bench and remove the adjusting lever return spring.

 Remove the adjusting lever from the old brake shoe.

 Turn the brake shoe over and pry the cable guide retaining tabs open, remove the adjusting cable guide.

 Install the cable guide on the new secondary brake shoe making sure that the tabs are bent in properly to keep it in place.

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