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2001 Chevy Cavalier Front Brake Rattle

In this page we will illustrate how we got rid of a front brakes rattle noise in a 2001 Chevy Cavalier, the owner bought the vehicle with this problem, as he drove over any bumps he could hear some noises coming from under the front of the car, he thought that the noise could be coming from worn out front struts.

He dropped the car off at our shop and we took it for a test drive on a dirt road, every time the front tires drove over a rock or any irregular surface we could hear the noise, I decided to apply the brakes lightly as I kept driving, and I noticed that the noise would go away every time I did that, I knew then that the rattling noise was coming from the front brake pads.  The following is what we found.

To inspect the front brakes, it is necessary to remove the front
wheels, if you don't have an air impact gun, loosen the lug nuts
as shown in this picture, then raise the front of the vehicle with
a floor jack and place 2 jack stands underneath the sub frame
for safety.

As you can see in this picture, the vehicle we are working
on was missing one of the rubber bushings in the right front
brake caliper, as a result, the brake caliper was bouncing
against the caliper guide pin generating a rattling noise.



It is easier to install the new brake caliper bushing with
the caliper removed, to do so, loosen and remove the 2
guide pins that secure the brake caliper to the steering

Once the guide pins are removed, pull gently on the
brake caliper, it should slide out with both brake pads
still attached to it.

 We decided to replace all 4 of  the front  brake caliper
bushings, that way the brakes work evenly and the car doesn't
pull to one side while braking, remove the old caliper bushings
by pulling them out.


 Next, using brake cleaner, clean the cavity where each new
bushing will be installed.

To make installation easier, apply a thin coat of silicone
grease to the beveled end of the bushing (smaller diameter)
and install them on the brake calipers.

Next, lubricate the inside of the brake caliper bushings
with silicone grease, this will allow the caliper to slide
freely on the guide pins, otherwise, if the bushings are
not properly lubricated, on
e of the calipers will stick
causing premature brake pad failure, car pulling to the
side when brakes are applied etc.

Proceed to install the brake calipers back on, install the
wheels back on the car, lower it
to the ground, tighten the
wheel lug nuts and take it for a test drive, there shouldn't
be any noises coming from the front brakes anymore.